Star was gifted to Serendipity Stables by a concerned neighbor who had rescued her from an abusive situation when she was just a year old. She is black with a white tail and walks in the path of the healing horse’s founder, McDougall.

Majestic McDougall, also black with a white tail, established the Medicine Horse legacy which continues to thrive at Serendipity Stables. Sere, who was trained by McDougall, has established herself as Star’s mother and teacher. Sere is helping her fill the emotional gaps and is gently placing the little horse’s hooves on her healing path.

It is fascinating to see the effect that Star has on the Autistic children. Although many children get their sessions on Patches, Sere or Mystique, it is Star who enchants these youngsters. Children voluntarily approach and pet Star. Children who are articulate talk about Star between visits. Young Ashish tells his parents that Star visits him at night. He is so attuned to her that he made her a bracelet. The predominant color in the bracelet is purple. Often, when photos of Star are taken, the color purple is all around her. Ashish has never seen these photos. Ashish watched as Michele attached Star’s bracelet to her stall! It is exciting to watch Star as she begins to participate in the healing legacy of Serendipity Stables.

Star’s stories are just beginning. Watch as this little horse begins to grow and open her heart to all those who walk through the barn door. Just as all of the horses do at the stables, Star emanates pure love to her two and four-legged friends who inhabit planet Earth with her.

Star’s expenses per month

  • Grain $ 15.50
  • 12% grain $ 10.00
  • Mineral salt $ 20.00
  • Blacksmith $ 35.00
  • Apples/carrots/cookies $ 40.00
  • Hay $ 50.00
  • Vitamins $ 5.00
  • Caretaker $100.00
  • Housing $ 75.00
  • Vet Emergency Fund $ 20.00

Total = $370.50