Born March 2, 1982
Passed on to the higher side December 23, 2014

Sere was the Grand Dame of Serendipity Stables. She lived at Serendipity Stables since she was a year old. In fact, the farm is named after her. Her full name was Sully’s Serendipity. Mr. Lee Warren raised Sere’s mother, Sully’s Southern Rebel, in South Dakota. Mr. Warren dedicated his life to preserving the beauty and purity of the Appaloosa in order to honor the Native American passion for these unusual horses. A Warren Appaloosa always has the term “Sully” as the first part of the name. Sully County, South Dakota is where his Appaloosa ranch is located. Sere’s grandmother, Old Feather, was donated to Mr. Warren by the Nez Perce tribe. Her great-grandmother, The Roan, stayed with the tribe. Sere’s mother was one of the first horses to be registered by the Appaloosa Horse Club. She raced on the AAA Appaloosa horse circuit for 5 years. She then had 13 foals. Sere was the 13th foal.

At 6 years of age, Sere was chosen by 40-year-old McDougall to continue his healing work. Sere spent over 25 years enhancing the lives of fragile children. No challenge was too great: autism, failure to thrive, birth trauma and cerebral palsy, are a few of the challenges she’s helped with.

Examples of Sere’s work

Shawndra walked into the barn carrying her shrieking infant. Caleb was five days old and because of immense birth trauma, had not been able to nurse. His skull was swollen and malformed, coming to a point like a cone. Sere put her head against the baby and closed her eyes. She worked with the baby for 20 minutes. The baby stopped crying and fell asleep. Shawndra called me a few days later to say that the baby’s head was now normal and that Caleb was nursing and sleeping well.

When Corey’s grandparents brought him to see Sere, he was hopelessly hyperactive. The only time he slowed down was during car rides. His grandparents were in despair, but were dubious about the horses. “If this works for Corey, we have 2 more just like him at home!” And, work it did! Sere calmed and soothed him. In fact, Corey fell asleep every time he sat on her. Sere also helped his younger brothers.

Sere passed fairly quickly and we held a nice memorial service for her on 12/29/14, which was originally scheduled for her to give us her messages for the coming year of 2015. Many who attended felt she gave them her messages anyway. <3