Prince Patches


Born March 15, 2000

Prince Patches is the only male equine healer at Serendipity Stables. Prince Patches is the personification of love and caring. Although the mares pick on him, he insists “They don’t mean it!” Prince Patches’ mother is a full-blooded Appaloosa and his father is one of Sere’s nephews. In spite of Prince Patches’ leopard Appaloosa background, he lacks the characteristic spots. He has, instead, splotches of color, much like a former founding Appaloosa stallion, “Patches” for whom our healing horse is named!

Patches arrived at Serendipity Stables when he was 6 months old. He was severely malnourished with long, course hair and stunted in size. In fact, he resembled a burro. Due to his under-nourished condition, he was exhausted most of the time. At noon he was allowed to go to his stall, where he slept all afternoon.

Some years ago, Prince Patches was diagnosed with severe diabetes. In general, diabetic horses do not recover. Although his prognosis was poor, we placed him on a regimen of hot bran mash, cinnamon, aloe vera juice and wheat-germ oil. Within 6 months, Prince Patches’ blood sugar level was normal! Prince Patches began his work as a healer at age 2. Although he enjoys working with all age groups, Patches is most enthusiastic about infants and other four-leggeds, especially dogs!

Prince Patches once gave healing to an infant who had been born with no muscle tone. Prince Patches requested that the mother sit on him, holding the baby. The child began to laugh and hold his head up on his own. The baby then leaned forward and pulled Prince Patches’ mane! The grandmother visited later and said that her grandson had started walking!

Here is a touching testimonial from Lindsay about her experience with Patches.

Prince Patches’ expenses per month

  • Well-Solve, L.S. grain (for diabetes) $ 25.00
  • Bran $ 10.00
  • Cinnamon $ 10.00
  • Aloe vera juice $ 15.00
  • Mineral salt $ 20.00
  • Blacksmith $ 35.00
  • Apples/carrots/cookies $ 20.00
  • Hay $ 50.00
  • Vitamins $ 5.00
  • Caretaker $100.00
  • Housing $ 75.00
  • Vet Emergency Fund $ 20.00

Total = $385.00