Born April 15, 2000

Mystique’s mother is a Mustang and her father is one of Sere’s nephews. Because Mystique’s mother is wild, Mystique was initially wild. It took 5 people to catch her in order to bring her to Serendipity Stables as a young 6-month old. However, within one month, Mystique became calm and loving.

Mystique is the most enthusiastic horse in the barn. She loves everyone and everything. As far as she is concerned, “Life is Grand!” Her multi-faceted approach to healing often involves the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical levels.

One day Mystique was introduced to a client suffering from severe anxiety making her unable to function well in her daily life. The woman also expressed her fear of approaching Mystique. Mystique turned on her equine charm. She whinnied and looked longingly at her nervous client. The client was immediately transformed. Her entire demeanor changed. She relaxed, smiled, ran to Mystique and threw her arms around Mystique’s neck and this previously fearful client kissed the horse!

Recently, one of Mystique’s friends came to see her. Mystique entered the healing state immediately. She had noticed that her friend was suffering from a viral infection that caused inflammation of the nerve endings. The client’s immune system had also been compromised. Mystique was able to soothe most of the discomfort.

Mystique’s expenses per month

  • Equine Senior grain $ 15.50
  • 12% grain $ 10.00
  • Blacksmith $ 35.00
  • Mineral salt $ 20.00
  • Apples/carrots/cookies $ 20.00
  • Hay $ 50.00
  • Vitamins $ 5.00
  • Caretaker $100.00
  • Housing $ 75.00
  • Vet Emergency Fund $ 20.00

Total = $330.50