Born May 3, 1989

Jewel came to Serendipity Stables as a riding horse. She was highly athletic and could do advanced dressage movements with no training. Her grandfather is Secretariat, a Triple Crown winner and the most famous race horse who ever lived. Jewel also raced for 5 years, winning many races and earning a great amount of money. Following her racing career, Jewel was sent out west to be trained as a cutting horse. Her speed and agility made her an excellent cow pony! Jewel has also been used as a brood mare and she had several babies.

Jewel was 12 years old when she came to Serendipity Stables. A year later she was in the barn when the tornado hit. She was buried by the falling barn and had damage that needed time to heal. During her year-long convalescence, Jewel made the switch from riding horse to healer.

Jewel has two specialties. She enjoys working with teenagers and also works with anger issues for children and adults. Jewel was experiencing a lot of anger when she arrived at Serendipity Stables. Her life had been difficult up to that point. However, she stepped up to become a serious healer in order to guide others through their anger and frustration. Jewel wants to be a role model to show that love can conquer all and nothing is important enough to cause anger or frustration.

Jewel’s expenses per month

  • Equine Senior grain $ 15.50
  • 12% grain $ 10.00
  • Wheat bran $ 10.00
  • Beet pulp $ 10.00
  • Blacksmith $ 35.00
  • Apples/carrots/cookies $ 20.00
  • Hay $ 10.00
  • Straw $ 10.00
  • Vitamins $ 5.00
  • Caretaker $100.00
  • Housing $ 75.00
  • Vet Emergency Fund $ 20.00

Total = $320.50