Born May 30, 1997

Charm’s mother is a Palomino mare named “Charm” and her father is one of Sere’s nephews. Charm came to Serendipity Stables in July, 1999 when she was 2 years old. By the time she was 4 years old, Charm began to work as a healer. Charm is a very conscientious and powerful worker. She tends to “fine tune” the work of the other horses.

Charm is truly charming and loves people as much as they love her. A young lady came to the stables for a “nice afternoon out with horses.” All she had to do was walk into the barn and Charm was there with a warm smile and lots of love being sent to her new friend as she walked through the door. Charm had some advice for this young lady… “Never give up on yourself” she told her. “You can be anything you want to be and you can do it with love.” The young lady had tears in her eyes and the love was pouring out of her heart to Charm’s – what a connection they had – and still have to this day. The young lady said, as she left the barn, “That was life changing for me.”

On another occasion, Charm detoxified a very sick young lady. Charm went into a very deep healing trance for about 15 minutes. The session was very intense for the client. She began to sweat, felt faint and had to sit down. The client spent the afternoon relaxing in the barn. She drank plenty of water and left feeling much better than when she had arrived!

Charm also helped a client by revitalizing that client’s organs and systems. Charm would send immense healing for a few moments and then she would back up and look at the client. Then she would enter the healing state again. Charm worked intensely and consistently for a long time! The client could feel the changes during the session. This was another client of Charm’s who had a life changing event!

The love and laughter from Charm makes everyone smile! That may be one of her secrets to such powerful healing!

Charm’s expenses per month

  • Equine Senior grain $ 15.50
  • 12% grain $ 10.00
  • Blacksmith $ 35.00
  • Mineral salt $ 20.00
  • Apples/carrots/cookies $ 20.00
  • Hay $ 50.00
  • Vitamins $ 5.00
  • Caretaker $100.00
  • Barn Mortgage $ 75.00
  • Vet Emergency Fund $ 20.00

Total = $350.50