Please Note: While we LOVE to see you on Second Sundays and workshops, we are NOT equipped to handle unscheduled drop-in visits. Please only come to the stables during the open houses or workshops, or make sure you contact us at to arrange an appointment first.

Physical address:
21721 OH-47
West Mansfield, OH 43358

Send checks to:
PO Box 205
Marysville, OH 43040

Driving Directions

From Columbus:

SR 33 West to Ohio SR 31 North toward Marion and continue on 31N for 10 miles

Turn Left onto SR 47 (in town there is a yellow blinking light at the junction)

Serendipity Stables is located on the Left just past the S-curve approximately 3.5 miles West of SR 31.
There is a White Arrow pointing toward the stables, and that is currently our only sign. The one across the driveway is “No More Chicken Factories”

From Dayton:

US 70 East to SR 68 North. Ohio SR 47 East toward West Mansfield. Pass through Bellefontaine and West Mansfield. Serendipity Stables is approximately 4.5 miles outside of West Mansfield on the right.