About Us

No amount of information provided here can take the place of a visit to the stables and a day with your special horse (and everyone has at least one!).

Serendipity Stables is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving those in need for 20 years. Our community outreach programs and initiatives are designed to help autistic, traumatized and fragile children and adults improve their quality of life.

Over the years, hundreds of children and adults have experienced benefits in some way from the Healing Horses and Dr. Michele Davis’ philosophy of specialized care for each and every person who walks through the stable doors. The assistance for those who come to the stables and work with the horses and staff comes in many forms and in many areas of a person’s life. This may include emotional, physical and nutritional assistance, depending on the needs of each individual. Serendipity Stables is an amazing healing and wellness center. The healing assistance is provided by a dedicated team that includes the Healing Horses, Dr. Davis, the skilled and active Board members and other health/healing practitioners available on site.